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What Does It Mean to Burn Brightly? {Episode 1}

Mar 30, 2023
candle burning

Hey, guess what… I have a brand new solo podcast show releasing today! This is a new show for moms of faith who are feeling called to make an impact outside of their homes.

This is where you'll find inspiration and encouragement to share your light with the world through building a business. Below is an outline of episode number one. Or you can click below to listen.


 I’m a mom to 10 kids, a certified life coach and an owner of several businesses. This podcast is all about stepping into what God is calling you to do outside of motherhood, despite overwhelm, insecurity or mom guilt.

I also co-host Outnumbered the podcast with Audrey, another mom of many. But this podcast is in answer to a distinct movement I’m seeing and feeling, as more faithful moms put themselves out there and begin businesses of their own.

Today, we moms have more time and space in our lives than ever before thanks to all our modern conveniences – plus the internet means we can build a business or become a force for good without leaving our kids or home.

I see God inspiring women to do this all around me and I’m honored to be here supporting you if you’re one of them.

So what does it mean to burn brightly?

I think of the scriptures in the New Testament telling us to be a candle set on a hill and to be an example of goodness, joy, compassion and love.

We’re taught to show the world what it looks like to raise a family and love it, to serve and be Christlike to those around you with no need for reciprocity.

For me this has meant using and developing talents to build a business – for others it might mean standing up for beliefs on social media or starting a charity otganization.

Regardless of what this looks like for you, burning brightly involves tapping into our most deeply held beliefs and getting uncomfortable.

Why is discomfort important? Because it means we’re stretching and growing. It means we’re stepping into the role God has for us regardless of the personal cost.

Do we have to do this and answer this call? That’s a resounding NO, which is why saying yes is so powerful. Using our God-given agency to put goodness into the world even before it gives us anything in return releases an incredible amount of goodness, light and hope.

Here are just a few examples of women doing this (and doing it well!):

I have a blog friend who puts art into the world and teaches others to do the same, sharing her talents with those who need more beauty in their lives.

I know an amazing woman who created a service intiative for small children so they could get a taste of giving back since most charity organizations don’t ever allow small children to help out.

I follow another mom who feels passionately about teaching parents how to protect kids from the dangers of the internet and does so tirelessly.

I know a woman who channeled her love for reading to her own kids into an online movement embracing the benefits of reading out loud and positively impacts thousands and thousands of families to do the same.

The examples are endless.

I know you think you have nothing to share. But denying your talents and the growth you’ve experienced through those challenges is denying the God who gave them to you.

Be humble and patient. Be open and willing. Be excited for what lies ahead and don’t close any doors until you’ve fully considered them.

I can’t wait to see what this new chapter holds for you, my friends.

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