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Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs {Episode 12}

business mindset motherhood Jun 08, 2023
Mother with 6 daughters

If you're a mom with a stay at home business idea, you might be wondering- "do moms make good entrepreneurs?" The answer is a resounding YES! This episode will walk you through the 4 superpowers that make moms ideal candidates for starting their own businesses.

These superpowers are attributes that every experienced mom has developed over years of wrangling children, including how to handle complex projects, how to communicate effectively and more. If you're thinking about starting a business but worried that you're underqualified, this episode is for you.

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The corporate world is generally not very fond or forgiving of motherhood, if you take time off of work to have a baby or raise your kids your career can (and probably will) suffer. 

Plus, re-entering the job force after a decade or two of full-time motherhood can be brutal. This is such a tragedy to me! 

Sure, a SAHM might not be up to date on the latest marketing or sales strategies, but the skills that we moms develop while raising children are absolutely unmatched. 

Not only would every corporation be lucky to have an experienced mom running things, but your dream business would be equally as blessed. Everyone wants a profitable home business idea but not everyone has the skills and competence necessary to pull one off. Moms do! 

Each of us develops skills and talents throughout our years of being moms that can serve us in a myriad of ways professionally. 

Today we're touching on some of my favorite mom superpowers and how they'll be a boon to you as an entrepreneur. Think of this as your resume for the position of CEO of your business. 

1. Project management

If you give a 20-something, fresh college grad and a mom both complicated, multi-step projects, who do you think is gonna dominate that project? 

I'll tell you who: the woman who's had to call 3 doctors, 2 pharmacies and her insurance company 4 times before getting the appropriate treatment for her child. 

Or the woman who had to organize a birthday party for 17 8-year-olds complete with themed cake, decorations, invites, goodie bags, and activities (plus dealing with any fights that break out). 

What about the mom who coordinated a kitchen remodel and had to communicate with 4 contractors, budget for the project (that cost as much as a new car) and feed her children using nothing but a hot plate and a bathroom sink for 6 weeks? 

Your experience as a mom and household manager has given you countless opportunities to break down, divvy up and execute complicated and important projects and tasks that many average citizens would balk at. 

2. Communication & human resources

Sure, hiring and managing a team is difficult, but have you ever tried to get twin teenage girls to clean up their room together? 

Families offer an unmatched level of relationship experience and interpersonal skills. I've learned how to make requests, require follow through, apologize, forgive, lay down the law and so much more.  

I know the idea of building a team can be scary for so many new business owners, especially women who identify as people pleasers but you have EVERYTHING You need to be a grade-A boss.

Probably because you already are. 

3. The ability to feel negative emotion

Being a mom is full of hard stuff. Disappointment, frustration, irritation, etc. 

Guess what building a business is like?? If we're really truly only afraid of the scary emotions that happen when we do things, then those should be a peace of cake. We've made HUMANS. We can build a business. 

Side note: the main difference here is that you can control a lot more in your business and thus feel tempted to quit. Most of us never entertain the idea of stepping away permanently from motherhood, we're in it for the long haul. 

So it is a little different. But if you commit up front the way you commit to your family, then that discomfort that comes up won't shake you. 

4. Selflessness

Being a mother requires massive amounts of patience and self-denial. We put our bodies and minds through the wringer for our children, we means that we know how to put others ahead of ourselves.

Being a great leader, entrepreneur and boss requires the same thing. No, you shouldn't let your employees interrupt your bathroom breaks, but being able to lead with selflessness, empathy and compassion is something that many fortune 500 CEO's can't do. 

Mothers are natural leaders who have everything they need to put customers and clients' needs ahead of their bottom line. 

Remember, you have EVERYTHING you need to become an incredible entrepreneur and grow your business to impossible heights. But you're going to have to dig deep to appreciate all of the skills that you already have. 

Do not take anything for granted. Sit down with your journal and write out a resume for yourself in your business. What skills and talents do you have that will serve you? How can you develop them further? 

Nothing is out of reach; you can learn and develop any knowledge or skill necessary (and even outsource some if you choose) to create the perfect startup business from home.

Let's go!


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