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The Essential Role of Free Time {Episode 17}

mindset Jul 13, 2023

Entrepreneurs are an exceptional brand of human beings. We're motivated, fearless, ambitious and powerful. But we can also be perfectionists, overachievers and workaholics.

Carving out free time to rest, play and be entertained is an essential part of a balanced, beautiful life, especially for high achieving business owners like ourselves. Let's figure out how to do it!

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We're diving in on free time, play, entertainment and rest, today!

If you're a business builder, chances are good you have some high achieving tendencies. A high achiever looks like someone who really values being productive and collecting achievements.

Those of us who identify like this can be tempted to derive their sense of value from their achievements. They're sometimes perfectionists, overachievers and workaholics.

Regardless of whether or not this is you (if it is -  solidarity, sister!), working for yourself can often lead to an unhealthy work-life balance.

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