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The How is Believing {Episode 18}

business mindset Jul 20, 2023
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When we want to accomplish something, we're always so worried about how to do it. We need to know how to lose the weight, how to make money from home or how to have more patience with the kids.

But the reality is, the how doesn't matter half as much as your belief. And your belief is much harder to obtain and keep alive. It requires daily work and lots of practice. It requires regular introspection and often help from a coach. But the good news is, believing is the only thing standing in the way of your greatest dreams.

Let me show you how to get them!

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One of my favorite analogies to help people understand the power of their mind and the stories we tell ourselves is to think about your brain like a computer.

It's a massively powerful machine with an operating system that runs programs (thoughts) and sometimes fall prey to viruses (thought errors).

If you've ever tried to work on a computer that's old, outdated or chock full of viruses, then you know that it's almost impossible to get anything done.

If your life feels like this: broken, overwhelming, or falling apart everywhere, then that probably means your CPU is full of thought errors.

But most of us don't really truly understand the power of the mind or that harnessing it is the key to success in literally every avenue of life.   


Instead, we want to know all the tricks for getting what other people have. We want to know HOW they lost the weight, HOW they make all that money, HOW they stopped yelling at their kids, etc.


We think that if we can just find the right book, podcast, training program or guide, we'll be able to do all the things we haven't figured out yet.     


When in reality, the how matters very little.     


I want you to think about going on a road trip: The HOW is your route... but you can really take any number of routes and still get there.    


Your belief is your car's ENGINE. The thoughts you think about the journey and your destination is what determines whether or not you get there.    


Let's use the example of getting in shape or losing weight. You can do so by cutting calories, lifting weights, intermittent fasting, working with a personal trainer, managing urges, etc.  


But how many thousands of people want to get in shape and never actually do it? Is it because they lack the HOW? No, they lack the BELIEF.


So the next time you wonder HOW to reach a goal that you want to accomplish, I want you to stop Googling, planning and researching for a second and remind yourself: THE HOW IS  BELIEVING.  


What does that mean? It means that your route will present itself once you start driving. But without belief, you're effectively dead in the water. You're on the road without an engine.       

The truth is NO ONE KNOWS your path except God. I highly recommend asking Him where to start but in reality, no other guide or guru will have the path you're supposed to take.  


They'll know the one THEY took to success or they can share the ones their clients took but none of those will be your paths. They might look similar but only you will know which one is yours and only once you've taken it!    


This is one of my greatest struggles. I'm a great learner and love to hear how others built success but I often struggle to remember that my internal stories are what determine my success, not the path. 


This is why there are so many successful life coaches - not because life coaching is so easy to be successful at or because they're all so talented- it's because they understand the power of their beliefs.


The main issue with believing in a future version of you that doesn't yet exist is that there's no evidence of it yet. You want to be a 6-figure business owner but you haven't done it yet so you lack the confidence.   


Brooke Castillo reminds us that confidence only comes after experience and competence are developed - SELF- confidence, however, is the belief that regardless of what we're trying to do, we have the power to do it.


EVERYONE has evidence of self-confidence. I want you to find it and write it down. When have you done something hard? Something scary? Something others would balk at?  


What do people compliment you on? What is your superpower? Where have you succeeded when others haven't?        

If you struggle to answer these, I want you to start building evidence of your power to accomplish things. Start journaling about the little things that you do that you're proud of.  


Then gradually build up from there. If you're really good at drinking enough water in the day, I want you to next work on believing that you also have the power to build an email list for your business or whatever else your next goal is!   

Yes, even if the things have nothing to do with one another, if you can succeed at one thing, you can succeed at another.  


Borrow belief if necessary but start believing.      

You don't need more business tips, those will come in time. It's your mind stopping you, not a lack of logistical steps.   

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