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How to Make Space in Your Life for a Business {Episode 2}

Apr 01, 2023
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You may be here because you're feeling space open up in your life for something new. Maybe all your children are finally in school or maybe you're able to hire child care and spend some time on your own self development.

Or maybe life is busier than ever but you can't ignore this call to share your talents any longer and you're wondering how in the world you'll find time and space to do so. This episode is for you!

We'll discuss what kind of time you'll need space for and how to carve it out, even when it feels like nothing can budge. Read the outline below the image or click the player below to listen to the episode!


One of the reasons that you might be listening to this show is that you’ve noticed more space opening up in your life.

That could be emotional or mental, physical or space in your calendar – new phases of motherhood can cause introspection, especially when we’re not so busy anymore.

Or you might be here because you’re feeling the call to burn brighter but you can’t even imagine how you’ll fit one more thing into your schedule or life.

Regardless, you’re going to want to pay attention as I teach you how to create the space necessary to show up for this calling.

Did you notice how I said that? I said create the space, not find it. Our time, space and energy tend to abhor vacuums and our life expands to fill up the space available.

This is why busy women get so much done! It’s not because they’ve dug through the couch cushions of their life and magically found more time and energy like spare change – they’ve created it!

The first step is to determine where this new calling or business fits in your list of priorities. Your family, home and church obligations will always need your help. Determine where your business falls on your list of to-dos and make sure it’s near the top.

I like to talk about my main 3 priorities as a 3-legged stool. The legs of my stool represent God, my family and my business.

Looking at it this way keeps everything in balance. I ensure that my business and personal growth projects get the airtime they deserve but also reminds me not to become a cranky workaholic who neglects her children.

I highly recommend these 3 priorities but you might feel that you want yours to look a little different. That’s ok, just make sure stepping into this new phase is one of them.

Let’s talk just for a second about business… I know to some people that word sounds overwhelming and scary.

But there are many, many ways to build a business. Business can mean getting an advanced business degree, making a detailed business plan, getting partners and investors and launching a huge undertaking.

But business can also mean a kid setting up a lemonade stand or you selling jewelry on Etsy. It simply means exchanging knowledge or products for value (i.e. money).

On this podcast, I’m gonna talk a lot about building a business as the main way to answer the call to burn brighter.

In another episode we’ll talk about how this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to charge for your talents (non-profits are amazing too) but just don’t get scared off when I talk business. It’s simply a beautiful way to share God’s light with the world and support yourself in the process.

When making this space for growth there are 3 types of time that you’ll want to carve out: time for education, time for work and time for quiet.

Time for education and work are pretty self explanatory – you’ll need to learn about your new sphere of influence and you’ll need time to put those talents out there.

But the time for quiet is also essential. Quiet and rest are when our bodies repair and rejuventate. It’s also when our minds make connections.

I make all my dreams, goals and plans when on long airplane flights. It’s such a great place for instrospection because I’m stuck there, it’s (relatively) quiet, and there’s lots of time to think and reflect. Plus, absolutely zero guilt for not doing something else.

I challenge you to schedule in this time for yourself every week.

Let’s take jewelry making for example: you’ll need to schedule time for making jewelry, time for educating yourself about the business of it and contemplation about your big picture goals.

Finally, look for ways to grow. These might present themselves via new opportunities to learn, grow or network. But be aware that they’ll likely feel uncomfortable, scary and unfamiliar. That’s to be expected.

Lean in. Take that space. Pay attention to the stories you’re telling yourself. And be prepared to be amazed at the life that God helps you create.

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