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Faith Precedes the Miracle {Episode 22}

business faith Aug 17, 2023
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As believers, we understand the critical importance of faith; we don't wait for God to show Himself before we believe.

And yet as business owners, we often forget this universal truth. We want to see evidence of success before we ever believe it's possible. We want miracles before showing faith and we want proof before we put anything on the line.

But true believers start with faith, then make plans and take action before they ever see any results.

First we believe, then we see the miracles.


We know from the scriptures that God is a God of miracles. He loves to show His children miraculous feats, when they show faith in Him.

But many times, Christ condemns the unfaithful for asking for a sign. He taught that faith is required before signs or miracles will be shown.

And while there are lots of challenges that require faith, building a business is one of the biggest! Why does being an entrepreneur require so much faith? Hebrews 11:1 says "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Until your business is fully formed and thriving, it is something that is definitely hoped for, but not yet seen.

And in addition to it being something we want so badly, a lot of the success of our business hinges on our own ability and tenacity. So if you've ever struggled with feelings of worthiness, failure or imposter syndrome, those show up in business!

Most of us Christians strongly believe that nothing is impossible if we partner with God, but some of us wonder if He cares enough about us to bless our businesses. The answer is absolutely YES! God knows us, loves us and wants to see us succeed.

He wants to send His faithful daughters out into the world to show those who suffer what life can be like with the light of Christ in us. If you are letting your owns self doubts and criticism get in the way of letting God do His work through you, it's time to stop that now.

Too many of us wait for evidence that we can be successful entrepreneurs before putting ourselves out there. If we just had some evidence that we could do this, then we'd go all in. But unfortunately, my friends, that is not how God operates. He wants us all in TODAY.

He wants us to work on this thing He's calling us to do right now, before the proof, before the evidence. THAT is faith. As believers, we don't wait for God to show up in our lives before we believe in Him. We know that's not how belief works. Instead, we CHOOSE to believe that God is there and that He's listening and waiting to help us.

The SAME THING applies in our business. We can't sit around, waiting for miracles to appear before we start becoming entrepreneurs. But as soon as we CHOOSE to believe in our business, I promise you that the miracles will start showing up.

Will they look like angels coming down to do your taxes? Sadly, not. But if you pay attention, you'll see them. They'll look like finding the right mentor at the right time. Or the money for the business license showing up out of nowhere. It'll look like the perfect babysitter asking for work or like a friend asking you if you know someone who does what you do.

So start taking action now, and make sure that it's accompanied by prayer. It took me way too long to start praying over my business. It felt kind of silly or like something that God couldn't possibly be interested in. But He IS!

I feel that so strongly when I pray over my businesses. I feel Him nudging me in one way or another. I get ideas that come to me seemingly out of nowhere. Good things happen when I'm least expecting them. And once you start praying and acting in your business, be sure to write down the ideas and miracles that come to you.

God wants to know that we're paying attention. Show Him gratitude by acknowledging His goodness when it comes to you, and it will!

Along with this idea of faith, I want to talk about Spiritual creation: The principle of designing and creating something spiritually before it ever becomes a concrete physical creation.

This looks like brainstorming, sketching out ideas, discussing them with a friend, making plans and bringing them before the Lord. God himself planned before creating the earth and I guarantee He has input to give you as you spiritually prepare your business.

This isn't permission to get stuck forever in the planning phase, but to imagine what your business will look and feel like and how it will make the world a better place.

Dream BIG. Act BIG. Ask for BIG things from God. Don't let your own insecurities and weaknesses get in the way. If God can make great things of the normal people in the Bible, then He can make great things of us.

Start today, but don't forget the faith.  

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