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Why Business? {Episode 26}

business motherhood Sep 14, 2023
business woman

So you're ready to put goodness out into the world and let your light shine, but you're wondering, "Do I really have to create a business and charge money for my time and talents?"

The answer is a resounding YES! There is absolutely a place for volunteer work and non-profits. But putting value into the world requires hard work and monetary resources. Without getting paid, not only is your organization not viable, but people won't appreciate or value your offer without investing money in it.

Let me help convince you why you need a business and how to charge for your skills!

This podcast is called Burning Brightly because I want to inspire women of faith to make themselves more visible in the world to shine God's light.

But building a business is NOT the only way to shine that light. We can volunteer in our communities, fight for justice and freedom, run for public office, start a non-profit, foster a child and so many other things.

So why do I only talk mostly business here?

Because businesses make the world go round! If you're like me, you might not have had a lot of entrepreneurial examples as a kid. Because of that, you might still think of businesses as big, massive corporations that might offer you a job and products to buy, but aren't necessarily your friend.

Today we're going to start by redefining business. A business is simply an organized means of exchanging value.

A business is usually created when a person or group of people see a need (demand) and know how to create a solution (supply). When they organize themselves to meet this demand, they're a business.

Here are a few simple examples of small businesses: a plumber who knows that people need honest reliable service and he can give it. A seamstress who loves to sew and wants to help people with alterations. A piano teacher who's great at inspiring kids and happens to know her community is full of such kids.

One person/group creates the value and exchanges it in the form of money to someone who really wants or needs it. We engage with businesses ALL day long, sometimes every single minute.

Right now I'm using my computer (brought to me by Cox internet and an Apple laptop), I'm also wearing clothes (thanks to Free People and Target), you're listening (via my podcast host and your phone company). We're comfortable in our homes thanks to AC or heat companies (and realtors), or you're listening in your car thanks the car manufacturer and the oil companies that create gasoline.

Isn't it amazing how many businesses are required for you and me to live comfortably and enjoy our lives? All this is simply to help anyone with negative associations of the word "business" to understand that it's simply an organized way to exchange value.

Can we survive without busineses? Yes, but life is a LOT harder. We need each other to survive and thrive.

Thousands of years ago, people had to create a lot more tools and resources on their own. If they wanted milk they needed a cow, if they wanted clothes they needed sheep and then had to process the wool, etc.

Humanity progressed to bartering, where the dairy farmer could swap milk for wool with the sheep farmer. But access to wants and needs was still severely limited.

Now, we have acces (and often almost instantaneous access) to literally anything we could want. All we need is money and we can get that thousands of different ways. It's SO fascinating!!! I've never milked a cow but I enjoy ice cream all the time. I've never built a car but I can drive everywhere. I've never designed a computer but I use one every day.

So I think we now know that businesses are important. But why is it important for you and I to create or build one of these organizations that exchange value?

Because you and I are FULL of value. We love and teach and inspire and encourage everywhere we go.

God's women are so powerful and He's calling us to step into that power. Our modern society as sadly caused a lot of physical disconnect with friends, family and strangers that previous generations had access too.

But the upside of that is that we now literally have access to the entire world. I can put out an inspiring podcast that can give value to a woman in Japan or Australia. And those women can put value out that can benefit me, all the way across the world in Arizona.

Do you see why God is calling you to this? He needs your talents and skills out into the world and on the internet where thousands upon thousands can benefit form them. But don't get freaked out by that! Our audience will almost always start out super small and we can grow it as we gain confidence.

Some of you may be thinking: ok, I get it, but why charge money? Can't I just volunteer or create a non profit? Of course! And if you feel called to that, I hope you do.

But there are 2 main reasons why charging for your knowledge, expertise or creativity is worthwhile:

1. You deserve to be paid! Putting goodness into the world is hard work and in order for it to be sustainable, value needs to change hands (meaning, you need money for it). Not only do you deserve it but it costs money to disseminate information and create products. So your business Is only viable until the money runs out and then your goodness can't go far.

2. People value things more when they pay for them We all know this is true! When I have access to something free, I'm either suspicious or I just don't value it. Charging money first shows people that what you are offering is valuable and it communicates how valuable. A Gucci purse is more valuable than a purse from Target for a few reasons, not the least of which is cost.

Also, charging money communicates that the person should take it more seriously. The things that have cost me a lot of money are treasured and cared for. Not only do I not care for the free or cheap things as much, I don't spend as much time or energy enjoying them. I figure since it was only $5 or $25 dollars, I only have to enjoy it that much.

Investing money in something reminds me that it's worth having in my life and I allow it to take up space in my life or brain. Too many female entrepreneurs worry about charging (especially large sums) and worry that it's not the Christlike thing to do since it focuses on bringing money.

But do you see now how UNDER charging could be terrible not just for you but for your customers or clients? If you can help people change their lives, communicate that by charging the amount that that transformation is WORTH, not how much the time and energy required to create it was worth.

After all, this business building endeavor is all about transforming lives. So let's go do it!


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