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How to Get Good at Feeling Bad with Guest Denita Bremer {Episode 50}

business emotions faith mindset May 16, 2024

You're in for a treat with this latest episode of Burning Brightly. We had the amazing Denita Bremer on to discuss something so important yet often avoided: feeling our negative emotions. 

As Christian moms building businesses, we can get caught in the trap of thinking we need to be positive and grateful all the time. But the truth is, avoiding the hard feelings actually holds us back from creating the impact and income we desire. 

Here are a few key insights Denita shared:

- Feeling negative emotion doesn't mean you're doing something wrong - it's just part of the creative, messy process of building something new

- We often self-sabotage when we start feeling good because feeling bad is more comfortable and familiar

- Trauma from our past can make it very difficult to sit with uncomfortable emotions in the present, so having support is crucial

- The key is developing the capacity to just feel the sensations in your body without judging or attaching stories to them

Denita gave such a powerful perspective on why leaning into our uncomfortable feelings is ultimately what allows us to grow into our biggest, brightest selves. Her vulnerability and wisdom were truly inspiring. 

You won't want to miss hearing all her insights and personal experiences on this topic. Hit play to prepare yourself for doing the work required to shine your light in this world!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Learn more about Denita on her website and follow her on Instagram. Also, be sure to follow her podcast!


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