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The Fuel We Need to Burn Brightly {Episode 9}

May 18, 2023
lantern shining

If our goal is to shine God's light for the world to see, then what fuel is needed to burn our proverbial lamps?

Just like fire requires a very specific environment in which to burn freely, we too need to protect and develop ourselves in a way that allows us to shine. We need to discover the potential for good that God has imbued within us, to light the spark of progress necessary to start and to commit ourselves to sharing this goodness.

Let me help you discover what you might be lacking in order to shine your brightest light.

I think we can all agree that burning brightly sounds amazing. We want to shine bright, show people God's light, put out goodness, inspiration and love into the world and make it a better place.

But what is required of us to be able to do this? That's what today's episode is about!

The name of this podcast refers to the candle that God wants us to be to shine His light, but fire requires fuel to burn.

Fire actually requires a very specific set of circumstances including lots of oxygen, some sort of flammable material as fuel and a fire starter like a match or lighter. 

Like this proverbial candle, we also require a very specific set of circumstances to be able to burn brightly for the world to see God through us.

Here's a warning: I really love metaphors so forgive me for running with this one!

First of all, we need to know at least a little of our potential. A woman without this knowledge is kind of like a candle without a wick.

It looks like letting our talents and abilities languish instead of growing and expanding them. And worst of all, it's an affront to God and His goodness.

How do we figure out our potential? There are a few ways! 

First of all, we can look at other women like us and see what they're doing. Watching other entrepreneurs, moms and life coaches become incredible people has inspired me to do the same.

I love the quote: "A rising tide lifts all boats". Use the incredible women around you as an example to burn brightly and then be a shining light to others who come after you.

We can also figure out our potential by looking at the experiences we've been given. Do you keep finding yourself in leadership positions?

Or have your motherhood experiences taught you anything unique? What has your life dealt you (bad or good) that could teach you about your potential?  

Finally, ask God what He's blessed you with and how you should use it. You don't ask the candle what it can do, you ask the candlemaker.  

He knows your potential perfectly. 

After we understand just a little bit about our potential, then we need to light a spark! 

What does this look like? It looks like making progress going forward. I know you're nervous. I know you don't know exactly what you want or can handle or how to get it. 

But you have to have the faith to light the match.  

Last year, I lit a match by going to an event put on by the Life Coach School. I went knowing that I was already interested in becoming a certified coach with the school, but I mostly went out of curiosity and to learn more. 

Before the event ended , I knew it was time to move forward on certification. It was not a super easy decision, It required going into some debt, a lot of work and faith in myself. 

But for me, that was a spark that really turned up the heat on what I'd been feeling called to do for 2 years already.  

For you, lighting that match might also look like an educational or training program, a certification or learning something new.

It might look like telling a friend about your dream or attending a networking event.

It might look like starting a social media account for this venture or setting up an LLC. 

A spark is created from a tiny motion - just a literal flick of the wrist! But a raging bonfire has to start with that little spark. 

Now let's talk about the fuel necessary to continue to burn brightly. 

The first is protecting ourselves from damaging or evil influences. I live in Phoenix; if i leave a candle in my attic, garage or the dashboard of my car, it will be a puddle of wax in no time.

Are there damaging influences in your life? People who don't believe in you or disrespect you? Are there habits you've developed that stifle God's light or muffle His spirit? 

How can you protect your heart, mind and soul from anything that will damage this light inside of you? 

Closely related to this is our self care. We cannot be an example to the world if we're stressed, chaotic, overwhelmed and frazzled.  

I imagine God wants me to exude peace and joy, to model happiness and contentment. To show others how to live with Christ-like intentions. 

Even our physical health reflects our desire to care for our bodies as miraculous blessings. What changes need to be made here to better show up as God wants us to? 

Next is our mental and spiritual education and development. Protecting ourselves from damaging influences is not enough - we also have to fill ourselves with light. 

I do this in 2 ways: I have dedicated time for spiritual nourishment. i try to do this in the morning, right after I wake up. It looks like prayer, reading scripture or other uplifting books and journaling. 

The other thing I do is regularly manage my mind. I do this by confronting the thoughts that are creating my current reality and asking myself if they are thoughts I want to keep. 

I believe that learning to manage my mind is SO important, it's second only to my relationship with God. Why? Because it affects everything I do. If I can't manage my own thoughts and feelings, the whole world feels out of control. 

Developing my mind and spirit means that my body will naturally follow suit. I struggle less with bad habits, unwanted emotions like anger and jealousy and so much more. 

This is why an entrepreneur who regularly gets life coaching and learns to coach herself will always find more success than one who falls prey to self-pity and a victim mentality. 

The final step to ensuring that these fires of ours burn brightly is the oxygen part. Stick a burning candle in an airtight container and that flame goes out pretty quickly. 

Sharing this light God has given us is the oxygen to our fires. We have to show up and be an example.  

Have you ever known a Godly woman who is sweet, kind, pure and just a beautiful soul? Have you ever wondered who else could benefit from having that woman's influence in their life? 

THAT is one of the miracles of the internet. We can still be amazing mothers and serve in our churches and communities while ALSO amplifying God's light via the internet. 

I know you'll struggle with embarrassment, fear and hesitation to put yourself out there. It will feel like pride. But remember, that fire is not yours. It is God's. 

Hiding it is in direct contrast to what He has asked us to do. To not put it under a bushel. To not blow it out. To keep it fueled and let it burn brightly. 

This week's challenge is to light the match. Decide on the next step you need to take to ensure your light is shining brightly. Then go out and do it.

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