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Dealing with Envy {Episode 51}

business emotions faith mindset May 30, 2024
sad woman sitting on chair

Welcome to episode 51 of Burning Brightly, where we're tackling the (often unspoken) emotion of envy. Today, we’ll dive deep into understanding and overcoming envy, particularly in the context of business, and how it can be a surprising catalyst for growth and clarity in your journey. 

Key Points:

  • Understanding Envy: Envy is a natural human emotion that can feel terrible but also serves as valuable information about our desires and aspirations.
  • Learning from Envy: Instead of judging ourselves, we can use envy to identify what we truly want and add it to our goals and vision boards.
  • Moving Past Negative Feelings: Addressing the darker sides of envy like disappointment and self-criticism, and transforming them into productive emotions.
  • Celebrating Small Wins: Recognizing and celebrating every milestone, no matter how small, helps maintain motivation and appreciation for the journey.
  • Trusting God's Plan: Embracing the belief that God’s plans are greater than ours and that He knows the perfect timing for our dreams.

Join me as we explore practical tips and heartfelt advice on turning envy into a stepping stone towards your dreams. You’ll learn to process and release envy, celebrate your unique journey, and keep faith in God's plan. Don’t miss this episode—it's packed with insights to help you shine even brighter!

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