Life Coach Launch

Build a solid foundation to launch or scale your life coaching business, in just 8 weeks.

Master the marketing, products and technology your business needs, without overwhelm. 


Yes, you really CAN create a thriving coaching business.

In just 8 weeks, you can know exactly where your next clients are coming from, when to offer them your services and how to turn them into paying customers.

In Just 8 Weeks, You Could…

1. Know exactly who you serve and how you help them: You'll cut through the confusion by choosing your audience and how to package up your expertise.

2. Have a beautiful website up and running: You'll create a powerhouse web presence (without overwhelm) where people can learn more about you.

3. Develop a reliable way to grow your audience: You'll have an irresistable lead magnet that will entice ideal clients to join your growing email list.

4. Create a list full of raving fans: You'll set up the technology and start nurturing your email list with weekly content.

5. Build the perfect offer that your clients are desperate to buy: You'll have a carefully formulated offer that will solve big problems for clients in real pain.

6. Have an organized and legal business: You'll understand the basic legalities of owning a business and finally stop stressing about it.


Life Coach Launch‚ĄĘ Was Created For...


>> New life coaches who are feeling lost and overwhelmed by the idea of becoming a business owner

>> Experienced coaches who feel like their business is fractured and struggling to grow

>> Any coach who doesn't have a solid system in place for acquiring, nurturing and converting new clients

>> Coaches who find themselves confused and frustrated when implementing the technology aspect of business

You Are Ready To Take Your Coaching Business Seriously?

This 8-week program will teach you everything you need to know to get your coaching business up and running, with steady clients coming in.

This is what you can expect:

  • 5 pre-recorded modules¬†
  • PDF¬†workbook with brainstorming prompts¬†
  • The ability to work at your own pace, spending as much time as you need on each lesson

With a solid commitment and the right mentor, your coaching business can't help but take off. Are you ready??

What's Included In The Program:



Ensure your mindset and focus are where they need to be, learn what holds most people back from building a successful business and determine how and where to fit it in your already busy life.

Action Items:

  • Create a master vision and actionable goals
  • Understand how to combat common thought errors
  • Set up & honor a realistic work schedule

You’ll finish this module with a clear and detailed vision of what your business will become, how to overcome common entrepreneurial hurdles, and with regular, weekly work hours.


Niche & Positioning

Determine who it is you want to serve, what their key struggles are and how to communicate to them.

Action items:

  • Deeply understand¬†your client's¬†needs & wants
  • Create a powerhouse elevator pitch
  • Learn how to express your competitive advantage

You’ll finish this module knowing exactly who to target in your marketing and what to say to them.



Set up the technology necessary to pull in leads and turn them into raving fans.

Action items:

  • Develop¬†a simple website or landing page
  • Create a compelling lead magnet; set up¬†an email list
  • Implement a solid email and social media plan

You’ll finish this module with a clear and simple path your potential clients take to become paying customers.


Offers & Payments

Build an irresistable digital product or coaching program that will have your perfect clients clamoring for access to you.

  • Create the framework and¬†results of your offer
  • Pick a price you love
  • Set up a way to take payments

You’ll finish this module with an offer that solves real problems, confident that you can guide your clients to the results they desperately want.


Essential Housekeeping

Set up all the other business essentials that you haven't yet mastered.

  • Ensure your business is legally compliant
  • Set up your business finances
  • Learn how to schedule and execute video calls

You’ll finish this module with the confidence that your business is set up legally and without hiccups.

Life Coach Launch‚ĄĘ


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I'm Bonnie Wiscombe


I've been building online businesses, while raising my large family, for over 10 years. When I certified as a life coach, I realized how many new (or not so new) coaches struggle with building the foundation of their coaching business.

Now I help incredible online business owners (like you!) gain the confidence and strategy necessary to put their skills out into the world. If you're ready to feel LESS confusion and contribute MORE good to the world, you're in the right place.

'This course was exactly the next step I needed to fill the gap between Life Coach School and creating my online business! It gave me step by step instructions for things I didn't even know I needed! So grateful I found [Bonnie]."

- Lisa A.

"Bonnie is an amazing coach, and is such a divine teacher. By the end of the program I felt so much more aware of the process needed to build a functioning business. I highly recommend Bonnie's program to all those that are feeling completely overwhelmed and super frustrated, like I was."

- Cassi F.

"Through this course I learned to work through my mindset blocks and get clear on my niche and what I can offer with confidence.  Bonnie is compassionate, knowledgeable and an excellent teacher."

- Kristen S.

Life Coach Launch‚ĄĘ


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